Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ally Condie's Crossed

So, if you follow me on Twitter, you know that I've been in quite the reading slump. I went through a streak of excellent books, unfortunately I read them back to back and didn't review the books as I should've. Call it bad luck or karma, but I've gone through several books that I was less than impressed with and it made me kinda depressed.  Does that happen to you?

In hopes of finding a captivating story, I put on my "sequel shoes" and went looking for something that I knew would give me my needed book fix.

What I found was Ally Condie's Crossed, which is the second installment of the Matched trilogy.

Cassie Reyes has left her family in search of Ky Markham, the Aberration that she loves and sent to the Outer Provinces in the first novel. She works in the villages, hoping to get closer to Ky. Condie's poetic writing style is captivating, and she's able to capture this young love in such a mature manner. Cassie and Ky are just kids, but they seem so much more mature and observant than most adults I know. In Cassie's journey, she learns of a rebellion against the Society and becomes eager to join.

I predict that this trilogy will follow a similar pattern of The Hunger Games. The only thing Matched has in common with THG is that they are both dystopian and lead to a rebellion.

If you choose to read the Matched trilogy, I recommend that you read the books in close succession.  Most authors take some time in the beginning of a novel to give you some background information, and therefore refresh your memory, but Condie doesn't. I read Matched about two years ago, and I spent a large amount of time trying to remember the plot of the previous book.

Will I read Reached? I suppose I will, but I'm going to save it for when I need to put on my "sequel shoes."

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