Friday, October 28, 2011

Michelle Zink's Guardian of the Gate

Hmmmmm.... this one is a thinker.  The plot line is fairly simple.  Lia and her twin sister are pawns in an ancient prophecy designed to bring the apocalypse and end the world as we know it.  Lia, born as the Gate but Guardian by nature, is on a quest to end the prophecy and prevent Satan himself from entering Earth.  Along the way, Lia is reacquainted with the super sexy and oh so virtuous Dimitri who will help her no matter the cost.  In the back of her mind she is thinking about James, her boyfriend that was left behind....

To me the complexity arises in the relationship between the sisters.  In The Prophecy of the Sisters, we learn that Lia and her twin Alice were very close and loving.  After their father's death, the sisters learn of the prophecy and their roles, and ultimately that they can no longer put trust in each other.  I think of sibling rivalry to the extreme, and my heart breaks for Lia.

I was fully engaged throughout the entirety of the novel, and I will be reading the third and final installment of the series.  I am curious to know how the prophecy ends and how Lia handles the love she has for James and Dimitri.

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