Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rose Pressey's Me and My Ghoulfriends

Pressey's Me and My Ghoulfriends is lighthearted, and a fun read.  The novel centers around Larue Donavan, a bookstore owning medium with a pretty boring love life.  When Laure finally meets a great guy, he is cast under a love spell by Larue's bitchy nemesis, Brianna.

I immediately enjoyed reading the book.  Pressey's sense of humor comes to life in the first page, and I am also interested in paranormal activity.  I liked reading about the spirits that become attached to Larue. 

Pressey does an excellent job developing the characters.  I feel like I got to know Laure pretty well, and even Mindy too.  For a novel with such light content, I would've liked it to be shorter and more to the point.  The book is 639 pages, and primarily consists of swooning over the love-struck boy next door.  Honestly I felt like I was back in high school, sitting by the phone, and wondering if he'll call.  I'm all for reading a romance novel, I just would've liked to see more development with the ghosts and their unfinished business.

I did download the second installment of Pressey's Larue Donavan series, Ghouls Night Out.  I do look forward to reading it, and I hope that I can relate to Larue's troubles a little better. 

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