Saturday, November 19, 2011

JS Bannerman's The Pitchfork Diaries- NOT FOR KIDS

Reader discretion is advised!  Okay, so maybe I'm not addicted to all types of fiction.

Bannerman's The Pitchfork Diaries is a compilation of short stories in the extreme horror genre.  I feel like I can best write this review in the form of "glows and grows," while I pretend to be a book reviewer and know what I'm talking about.

Glows: Bannerman is a really good writer!  He has excellent style and syntax.  His descriptions are detailed, visceral, and evocative.  I suppose these descriptions are what an author of extreme horror looks for.  I was easily able to visualize the descriptions in each of the stories, and his matter of fact tone created a gag-reflective mood in me.

Grows: Although the stories are short, and not meant to provide a full background, some of the stories I thought were really good and deserved to have some of the "plot holes" filled.  I know the author has a novel that is soon to be released, and I think it would be cool to see a full and complete story from Bannerman (I'm just not so sure I can stomach it).

I just can't get over the content, really.  You know "Separation of Church and State?"  Well, I guess in the literary world, especially the genre of horror, I would like a separation of church and fiction.  I happen to like movies such as "The Exorcist" and "The Omen," which I imagine had the religious folks up in arms back in the day.  I consider myself to be a fairly desensitized person, but some of the images that the author created don't sit well with me.  I am a Catholic, although not a very good one, and I do hold the crucifix and the goodness of Christ close to my heart.  Maybe this is a compliment to the author's descriptive skills, but my stomach didn't sit well (I didn't poo my pants, but I might've cried and barfed in my mouth a little bit).

This author has done something that I've never been able to do: publish literary work and create a following.  To that, I must pay much respect.  I've learned that extreme horror isn't my bag, but that doesn't mean it isn't yours.

Bannerman, if you ever write a kinda-scary-psychological-thriller-with-only-a-little-bit-of gore, I'll be one of the first to download.


  1. Thanks for the review! The Harvest that comes out on Christmas is much less gore way more mind fuck!
    I hope you enjoy it as well !
    Thank you so much!
    Burning the left hand path

  2. Interesting. That's the sort of review one wants. I'm curious and repelled at the same time. Curiosity will no doubt win out, and Horror is a good place to be at the moment with American Horror Story so successful.

    You cried and threw up in your mouth a little? If that ain't a recommendation, what the hell is?