Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hillary Jordan's When She Woke

This novel is H E A V Y.  It takes so many twists and turns, that I even question my own moral compass.

When I started the novel, I thought it would be a modern rendition of The Scarlet Letter.  In some ways it is.  There are parallels in the characters' names, talents, and punishment.  But that's where The Scarlet Letter stops and When She Woke begins.

Hannah Payne is a young woman involved in her church, close with her family, confining herself to the social norms that are acceptable for her world.  When she falls in love with a man that can never be hers and eventually becomes pregnant, that small world opens up to reveal the true face of evil and humanity.

Jordan's writing style is beautiful and passionate.  I can tell that the content in her novel is something that she holds close to her.  It makes me wonder who she is and what kind of life experiences she's had, if she's been forced into her fair share of boxes.

I promise you will question your beliefs when you read this novel.  Whether you are pro life or pro choice, have an opinion about same sex relationships, and how crimes are punished, it makes no difference.  Jordan will take you on a journey, forcing you to see both sides of the spectrum, and perhaps have an awakening of your own. 

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