Friday, November 25, 2011

Rose Pressey's Ghouls Night Out

Pressey's Ghouls Night Out is another lighthearted tale of medium/ bookstore owner Larue Donovan.  After uncovering Brianna's love spell and rescuing her beau from an awful life with Brianna, you would think all is well, right?  Well, it's not.  Karyn offers Larue the position of coven leader, and suddenly things start going awry.  Could it be a demon or another witch practicing black magic?  What lengths would you go through to save your best friend?

I thought GNO was more enjoyable than Me and My Ghoulfriends.  Personally, I couldn't relate to Larue's love issues in the previous installment.  But going on a mission to save a best friend? Totally engrossed!

I also like how Pressey incorporates dead celebrities into her novels.  I think it would be funny to have a devious duo like Bonnie and Clyde that don't realize they're dead.....Or perhaps Mindy attracts a "love ghost" and Larue has to persuade the poor guy to go over to the other side. Or maybe Pressey will branch out from the lighthearted and write in a demon to send back to hell.  Either way, I look forward to the new installments and who will be following Laure on her next mission.

And I'm so looking forward to inviting my gal pals over for  a Mindyrita night.....

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