Thursday, December 22, 2011

Caroline Hanson's Love is Fear- Not for kids

You know how authors will say that their books are like their babies?  Well I feel like this one is a niece or nephew, or maybe even a distant cousin, because I got to read it before it was published.  Needless to say, my review might be a bit biased.  Just a little.

Valerie Dearborn finds herself in a pickle... again.  This time it's  not just the metaphorical one that signifies one being in trouble (catch my drift?).  Val is an empath, which is a type of supernatural being which can provide balance between weres, vamps, and now fairies.  Unfortunately, all the supes have their own agendas, and want to use Val for their own purposes.

I'm oh so excited that Hanson has brought back more of the historical aspect with the disappearance of Roanoke settlers.  She provides a fantastical explanation: that the Fey king tried to protect all the living fairies in a spell gone wrong.

I'm predicting that the next book will give more explanation of the Fey agenda.  Also, there's some drama between Rachel, Jack, and Val that needs to be addressed. Oh, and all the trouble Val's gotten herself into with Lucas.  How will this all pan out?

Oh, and ooh la la! Val and Lucas finally do it already. Bown-ch-ch-wow-wow! The scene goes on forever and it is HOT!

As I read, I thought of several songs that could go with the characters and the plot lines.  With some of them, you have to take the song out of context and look at the lines individually.  With author's permission, maybe I might do an additional blog with the soundtrack.  But for your reading pleasure, here is a song that Hanson thought fit Val's character, and I agree.

Snow Patrol- Out in the Dark

Enjoy!  I know I did....

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