Saturday, December 31, 2011

Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler's The Future of Us

Asher and Mackler's The Future of Us is a total mash up of decade-specific pop culture!  I grew up in the 90's, where the plot of the story takes place, and it was a blast from the past to see references to beepers and Discmans.

The story is told from the point of view of two high school students, Emma and Josh, who live in 1996.  1996 offers the introduction to the home PC, dial up Internet, instant messages, and email accounts for the general populace.

What Emma discovers the first time she logs on to her computer is Facebook (which doesn't become relevant until the turn of the century).  Emma and Josh see themselves 15 years into the future, and don't like what they discover.

The two kids discover how small changes in the present can greatly impact the future: down to spouse, career, location, and happiness.  Ultimately, the two teens learn a very important lesson....

I thought seeing how two kids from the 90's respond to Facebook was hilarious!  For me, Facebook and other social media is so ingrained in my lifestyle that I can't see myself without it.  I don't think twice about logging into Facebook to read other status updates or post my own.  And they are usually one or two lines and just as insignificant!

I'm sure that the writers' vision of the story ended the way it was supposed to.  Throughout the novel, Emma and Josh are logging onto Facebook to see how their present day choices impact the future, and we see what's to come of them.  As the reader, my wish is to see what happens to Emma and Josh post Facebook. Since we aren't able to see into our own futures, or get an epilogue for that matter, I see why the story ends the way it does.

Now, every time I make a decision, I can't help but wonder what impact it will have on the future me!

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