Friday, December 2, 2011

Mark Edward Hall's The Fear

I tried my hand at horror again, and I thought this was pretty good!  Honestly, I was pretty scared because the cover looks all creepy (I'm learning that the horror stories with religious connections and EXTREME gore are the ones I have a hard time with).  I am guilty of judging books by the cover (I do it all the time), and this is one instance when I'm glad I didn't.

The Fear is a novella, about 65 pages and a pretty quick read.  The story centers around socially awkward Mitch, who has some serious "momma issues."  He wakes up from a living nightmare, completely covered in blood, and afraid.  Legitimately, seriously, afraid and he can't figure out why.  The nightmares are similar to the ones he had as a boy that were connected to a string of mysterious murders in his small town of Eden.

As Mitch solves the mystery behind his nightmares and the murders, you will find that there's more sustenance than just gore and scary images.  Irony is a bitch, Mitch.

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