Sunday, January 1, 2012

Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamers Volume One

Vincent's Soul Screamers Volume One is a collection of three different stories from the same series.  The stories all focus around one character, Kaylee Cavanaugh.

My Soul to Lose
In the first installment, Kaylee is unaware of her supernatural heritage. She sums up the episodes of grief and the unyielding desire to scream to panic attacks.  When she has a panic attack in public, she later becomes admitted into a psychiatric ward.

My Soul to Take
The second installment picks up right where the first left off.  Kaylee has left the psychiatric ward, and is trying to hide her panic at all costs to avoid a one way ticket back to the psych ward. When young, beautiful girls start collapsing to their death, Kaylee learns that she is not crazy.  She is bean sidhe. Kaylee isn't screaming in panic, but wailing for the departed's soul.  To humans around her, the scream sounds like an earth-shattering screech. To the soul, Kaylee's song is comforting and beautiful.

My Soul to Save
The last installment of the volume happens to be my favorite. When Kaylee and her bean sidhe boyfriend are at a concert, the pop star falls dead.  And Kaylee didn't feel the need to sing for her.  Instead, she learns that people can sell their souls for worldly possessions.  When the person dies, Kaylee doesn't wail because that person has no soul.

I searched all over the interwebs for a song that would represent what I think Kaylee's soul song sounds like, but to no avail. I did, however, find a brief piano riff that makes me think of the Netherworld.

Kaylee's Journey to the Netherworld

The song is from Requiem for a Dream; I'm reminded of evil's intensity and huge sacrifices people make for small pleasures.

If you choose to read Vincent's Soul Screamers, I recommend that it is done in smaller increments.  I read all three stories back to back. I enjoyed all three stories, but reading them in close succession cause me to not fully absorb the story. I also got too comfortable with Vincent's writing style, and found myself predicting events of the plot instead of experiencing them with Kaylee.

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