Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sarah Addison Allen's The Sugar Queen

Until recently, I have been reading mostly thrillers and mysteries.  By today's standards, some of the violence and gruesome scenes can effect the way I see the world and myself.  Dumb, I know.  But I'm addicted to fiction and sometimes I internalize too much.  To break the spell, I have to switch genre and get an attitude adjustment.

And I have fallen under a spell, by Sara Addison Allen. I have already read Garden Spells, her debut novel, and I loved it! I didn't see myself reading another of her novels, but a friend loaned it to me and I'm glad she did.

The Sugar Queen also takes place in North Carolina, where southern belles and the romance of The South still exist. Allen mixes together ideals of southern belles, magic, and romance together to weave a tale that is certain to lift your spirits.

Josey Cirrini, daughter of famed Italian Marco Cirrini and beautiful southern belle Margaret, is trapped in her life. Living in a small town, everyone remembers her as a child, and as daughter of Marco and Margaret Cirrini. Her mother wants to force her to be caretaker, punishing her for her existence. Josey wants forgiveness and permission to leave.

Feeling trapped in her life, Josey traps herself into her closet which is stashed with junk food and magazines. What she doesn't expect to find is hardened Della Lee, who has a past and a story to tell.

Combined with Della Lee's efforts and a new friendship with Chloe Finley, Josey finds herself and everything she's ever wanted.

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