Monday, January 9, 2012

Ellen Hopkin's Triangles- Not for kids

This is another author that I found via Twitter.  When I first downloaded the book, I thought something was wrong with the file or my Nook. There's not anything wrong with either.

The story is a narrative poem, and it makes a regular story unique. The story is told from the perspectives of three women: Holly, Andrea, and Marissa. They are middle aged, regular women that have issues such as infidelity, being a single parent, or having a child with a terminal illness.

What makes the story so unique is Hopkin's style.  The format is narrative poem, with limited dialogue. Throughout the plot, a character will make a reference to another topic or theme.  Then the author will pause on furthering the plot to further explore the mentioned topic or theme.  It sounds strange when I describe it, but it works. It's consistent through the entire novel, and it does help bring further understanding to the character's situation. The best I can do is provide an example, from pages 198-199:

"'Shane, playing David to some kid's Goliath. Only this time the Philistine conquered'.....
The Philistines
Of biblical fame were
too bold for their
er, kilts-eschewing
their lovely
Greek isle homes in a
to conquer Egypt. A
ambition, not to
irrational, iron or no

Aside from providing the reader extra insight, the rhythm and word choice is just beautiful.

Unless I get sucked into another series, I usually have a "hit 'em and quit 'em" mentality in regards to reading multiple texts by the same author. Ellen Hopkins, you are an exception and  I have added more of your work to my reading list....

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